2017 | Ariano Irpino (I)
Ariano Irpino (I)

Paisà, Ravenna (I) - Landscape
Bms Progetti Srl (I) - Structural project

Inserted within the intervention area with the aim to resolve the altitude difference between Piazzale San Francesco and D’Afflitto street, the project is developed through the addition of two volumes. At the lowest height, where the building approch the road (-10,00 mt.) was designed a large basement where are located most of the public functions like a gym, library and auditorium. From the level 0, the same of Piazzale San Francesco, and for four floors in height extends the second volume. Here there are spaces for school activities, organized and shaped on critic points and the potentials ound in the site. The proximity to the road and the strong altitude on the Side of D’Afflitto street have determined the retreat of southwestern facade of school volume while the basement has been emptied to allow a covered and more spacious path on the side of the road with a double height gallery.

School is organized at various levels through terraces that, due to the climb to the North-East leave space to large green areas for sharing and relaxation. To give continuity with Piazzale St. Francesco a great opening allows the passage that reaches the new square, part of the project. Here restaurant and bar managed by the students could be open to the public in the evening. This space besides being connected to the school for its activities is free access to citizens who can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Ariano Irpino hills.