2021 | completed | Gießen (D)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Gießen (D)
6000 mq
Design competition

DESIGN COMPETITION – The Competition for the New Laboratories of the Theodor Witt School in Giessen, consists in the completion of the existing main building by a volume that will house the new laboratories.

In the selection of materials, we find a contemporary answer to the design and functional needs of the building. The building is a simple, highly functional structure that, based on a solid grid, allows a high degree of structural flexibility.

A building made of sustainable materials with a streamlined structure that allows a free subdivision of the inner areas.  The concept follows the idea of an externally modular building that becomes sinuous and flexible inside.

 The urban environment is heterogeneous. The areas of the Theodor Witt School are dominated by the existing main building and the newly built external structures facing the Ringallee. A large staircase exceeds the staggered height with respect to the forecourt and allows the connection of the new building with the laboratories in the old location, via a covered connecting corridor. The clear edge of the building towards the Ringallee and the school forecourt to the west enclose the street and the square space and, together with the building heritage, form a structural ensemble on the north side of the Ringallee on which the south side offers a space of the State Garden Show 2014 that can be developed with public green areas and little private garden structures.