After the collaboration with internationally renowned architectural offices such as “Renzo Piano BuildingWorkShop” in Genoa, “Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner” in Hamburg and “Herzog Architekten” in Munich, Eduard Mijic founded his own studio in 2004 in Rimini. In 2014 he founded mijic architects srl with the partners Orietta Villa and Antonio Stignani.

Since its foundation, the studio has grown a lot and has undergone several changes. In 2020, in a corporate reorganization, Orietta Villa succeeds Antonio Stignani and looking towards new markets, Eduard Mijic becomes partner of the architecture office LSK Architekten in Darmstadt, Germany. Also in 2020 mijic architects has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 by Kiwa Cermet Italia for the Design, Site supervision and H&S. With the intention of pursuing a completely transparent and correct management of all its activities, it has decided to adopt the Code of Ethics according to Legislative Decree no. 231 8/6/2001.

The team of mijic architects is composed of different personalities with multiple knowledge who, without following the trends of the moment, often self-referential, pursue a single goal: to think of kind of places where people can feed on beauty. New spatial forms, contextualization of the building within an existing reality investigation and experimentation on technological and material choices are the pillars of our creative work.

Founder and partners


Linda Villa
Nenad Srebro
Jelena Devetak
Jessica Menichelli
Višnja Tintor
Michele Albonetti
Andrea Alessandri
Fiammetta Motturi
Dina Sretenovic
Cand. Arch.
Elena Franzò
Office manager
Olivera Melovic
Until 2019