2017 | Riccione (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Riccione (I)

The project for the new Primary School “Panoramica” foresees an intervention on a urban scale.

The existing green area will be preserved and enhanced, becoming a “green island”. The new building,  in the center of this area, that can be hidden on one hand, maintaining perception on Viale Panoramica, while on the other hand protected from the noise of the traffic and the view of adjacent high buildings.

The basic design lines are:
– Creation of an urban square at the school entrance that defines the public character and safe area for the children;
– The insertion of a compact front building towards Viale Panoramica and backward to enhance the existing green that contributes to create one barrier to tall buildings.
– Green areas that penetrate into the building; The classrooms are like “finger” which engage in the greenery creating a strong synergy between the spaces of the children and the didactic garden.
The main entrance of the primary school is facing the new square on the side exposed and easy to reach; The required parking spaces were distributed in part on the square to facilitate the accompaniment of children, and partly located on the side on Viale Panoramica for workers and teachers. A secondary entrance allows access to the canteen area while the gym is made independent through direct access from the square.