2012 | Augsburg (D)
Augsburg (D)
Design competition - Selected 2nd phase

KLA - Kiparlandschaftsarchitekten, Duisburg (D) - Landscape
b&a associati - Sustainability

The aim of the competition consisted in planning a research centre on carbon fibers in the southern part of the “engineering campus”, a large area which will house the university campus of Augsburg. The project covers three lots, only one of which must be investigated in detail. The research centre consists of three major function: production halls, accompanied by workshop and laboratories, offices and public spaces. The intervention must be able to be realized in two stages. For this reason the whole project has been thought with a basic scheme for both parts of the building, in order to draw near them in successive stages without loosing the sense of unity and completeness of the building.

In this scheme the great halls are thought as the centre around which are set all the other facilities. The ground level host workshop and laboratories, while in the upper level the offices create two L blocks, which define the main fronts. The two parts are offset each other, in order to create an entrance for the trucks on one side and, on the opposite side, a lower block containing the common areas and reception.