2013 | Merano (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Merano (I)
Municipality of Merano

ArchiNow, Rimini (I) - Architectural project
BMS Progetti, Milano (I)

The project area is situated in the southern outskirt of Merano, a productive area characterized by industrial buildings of all sectors but with a lack of public services. The purpose of the project is to create a building that opens with an inviting sign to the community. The entrance area is raised and more modelled, and can be reached by a grand staircase. A large entrance hall creates a visual connection to all the school functions. The classrooms are located in the upper floors, while the common areas, like the library and laboratories are located in the “basis” of the building.


The compact volume of the building is carved and shaped through cutting surfaces that creates different levels of transparency, melting the life inside the school with that of the city and the surrounding landscape.The result of this design process is an iconic and radical building, designed to emphasize the redemption of a degraded area, where a school wants to give a positive signal encouraging  the approach of the young generation to the various educational paths.