2019 | Milano (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects srl
Milano (I)
Comune di Milano
Design competition - Finalist project
3000 mq

Milan Ingegneria, Milano (I) - Structures
ia2studio, Arzano (I) - Plantings

The new Pizzigoni School wants to be a reference, meeting and gathering place for the entire Villapizzone district, in Milan. The cross scheme of the project draws its inspiration from the surrounding urban context. This scheme allows the creation of wide and deep green spaces and also the division of the internal functions on the ground floor in four different areas:

  • administrative area: in the rear part of the building
  • sport area: including a regular gym
  • culture area: with a media library inside
  • canteen area: containing the school bar and the canteen.

All these four wings overlook a large central space that will act as an atrium and Agora of the school, as the generating fulcrum of the system. Moreover, it can occasionally be used as an auditorium, a space for special lessons or leisure activities: it will be the place of sociability and creativity, turning into a small theater as needed. On the upper floors the corridor does not represent the connection between other spaces, but it is the place of being, of play and of individual activities. Classrooms and laboratories are organized in pairs, divided by mobile walls that will support teaching to large groups.