2019 | Milano (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Milano (I)
3000 mq
Comune di Milano
Design competition - Finalist project

Milan Ingegneria, Milano (I) - Structures
ia2studio, Arzano (I) - Plantings

The international call launched by the Municipality of Milan for the Pizzigoni School in Milan aims to develop an intervention integrating harmoniously with the context. The goal is to create a civic center, a place of reference for the entire district, according to ministerial directives.

The concept develops from the analysis of the context. The cross scheme of the project for instance draws inspiration from the existing elementary school and from the North-South structure of the neighborood.

This scheme also allows to create a large and deep green space, on which the various classrooms will overlook. The functions on the ground floor separate into four thematic areas. The administrative area is on the rear of the building consequently has direct access from the outside. The sports area includes a gym with a regular field. The cultural wing includes the library and the media library. Finally the bar and the canteen form the gastronomic area.

These four wings overlook a large central space which is the school’s Agora. This space, the fulcrum of the project, can become an auditorium, lecture hall or a space for holding special lessons. The Agorà will be the place for socializing and creativity, transforming itself into a small theater if necessary.

On the upper floors, the connective space distribute the pupils from the large central hall to the classrooms and laboratories. This spaces are not mere connection due to their configuration they become places for being, playing and for individual activities.

In conclusion the Pizzigoni School in Milan with its flexible internal spaces and large external areas responds to the demands of an innovative school concept.