2017 | Ariano Irpino (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Ariano Irpino (I)

The project for the new Culinary School in Ariano Irpino responds to the requests of the international competition.

The concept is to resolve the altitude difference between Piazzale San Francesco and D’Afflitto street by inserting the new building. For this reason the project foresees the addition of two volumes.

At the lowest height, where the building approch the road (-10,00 mt.), there is a large basement. In this space find a place public functions like gym, library and auditorium.

From level 0, the same of Piazzale San Francesco, and for four floors extends the second volume. Here there are spaces for school activities, which take into account criticalities and potential of the site.

Subsequently the proximity to the road and the altitude determined the retreat of southwestern facade.  The basement has been emptied creating a double height gallery to cover a spacious path.

The rooms of the school are organized on the floors through terraces. The retreat towards the North-East leave room for large green areas, as well as places of sharing and relax.

To give continuity with p.zzale San Francesco a large opening allows the connection with the new square. The activities of the restaurant that overlook this space are open to the public.

Above all the shape of the building responds to the needs of the school. For instance the innovative workshops are open to the territory for the promotion of the culture of good food.

The classrooms transform the traditional model of the lesson encouraging active based learning and practical activities.

The project starts from the idea that educational projects of the institute are possibility for all the territory, so to make education a strategic competency for the town.

In conclusion the new Culinary School in Ariano Irpino is to all intents and purposes an innovative school.

School is organized at various levels through terraces that, due to the climb to the North-East leave space to large green areas for sharing and relaxation. To give continuity with Piazzale St. Francesco a great opening allows the passage that reaches the new square, part of the project. Here restaurant and bar managed by the students could be open to the public in the evening. This space besides being connected to the school for its activities is free access to citizens who can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Ariano Irpino hills.