2020 | completed | Beckingen (D)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Beckingen (D)
2580 mq
municipality of Beckingen
Design competition

LSK-Architekten, Darmstadt (D)

DESIGN COMPETITION – The two new buildings, the primary school and the nursery school, fit into an environment of existing historic educational buildings in the Beckingen district.

In order to merge the old and new buildings into a uniform urban ensemble, an internal access road is planned that can be reached on foot as an alternative to public access from Schulstraße, from which all educational facilities are connected to each other (new elementary school with historic buildings 1 and 2, gymnasium, new nursery school).

The new primary school building connects the two existing buildings in the northern part of the property and thus leaves the entire southern outdoor area unobstructed. With this measure of urban development, both the magnificent chestnut trees-oriented south of the schoolyard, and the two Art Nouveau buildings of Schulstraße, will be completely preserved.

In the new compact building of the primary school, all school functions will be housed.  As a result, the Schulstraße building will be available for public use for other educational institutions or for interscholastic uses.

Between the two existing buildings is the main entrance with the central foyer from which you can directly access the canteen, auditorium or music hall. Due to their ability to connect with each other and with the foyer, they can be optimally used as a flexible event area for theatrical performances and concerts. In the existing buildings to the left and right of the entrance is the administrative and teachers’ area.

A spacious central staircase leads to the teaching area.

The compact two-storey building of the nursery school consists of a basement floor, the western side of which opens onto the spacious play area and the adjacent pedestrian crossing area of the community school staircase. With its transparent facade, the protruding building of the pavilion opens to the protected outdoor play area in the north of the property and south of Schulstraße.

In the area on the ground floor, there are two nurseries and the administration, while on the upper floor the three group rooms and the dining room with the common room that can be coupled.  The two floors are connected by a central and spacious staircase.