2020 | Gießen (D)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Gießen (D)
Municipality of Gießen (D)
Design competition

LSK-Architekten, Darmstadt (D)

DESIGN COMPETITION – FIRST PRIZE The design competition launched by the Giessen Municipality aimed to expand the Ludwig Uhland School through the construction of a new Canteen and Auditorium.

The new Canteen stands in front of the existing school building. The building is an independent free-form volume on the opposite side of the property from the school yard. Due to its volume, the new structure encloses the school yard, creating an intimate atmosphere.

The shape of the building dialogues with the nearby Research Center so to place another contemporary component in an urban context characterized by buildings from the 1950s. The design language will make the multifunctionality of the building recognizable from the outside, having an inviting effect on visitors and users.

Most importantly the compact structure adapts to the existing situation saving space. As a result the project makes optimal use of the courtyard, filling only spaces around the structures to be demolished. In addition the project will ensure the conservation of the pillar oaks and the small playground area.

Near the oaks there is a seating area, which can also work as a small “auditorium” for events. The new sand playground is easily visible between the new access courtyard and the existing school building.

To ensure the simultaneity of independent uses, two entrances are foreseen. The main access will be the central one with a foyer for the Canteen and the didactic kitchen. In addition a secondary entrance for the treatment area is nearby the new entrance.

The organization of ground floor allows the connection between the music room, the teaching kitchen and the canteen. This is possible by connecting the two smaller rooms to the main one via an acoustic mobile partition. This arrangement ensures the multifunctionality of the uses of the new canteen, even for larger events.