2018 | Cesenatico (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects srl
Cesenatico (I)
1770 mq

Paisà, Ravenna (I) - Landscape

The project was born from the intent to give continuity to the existing green system of the area. Respect of the landscape, as well as preserving the natural setting of the place, will guarantee physiological well-being for childrens and teachers, also through careful bioclimatic planning and al physical and visual continuity between interior and outdoor spaces. The school is a rectangular and simple organized bulding with the main axis,  consisting of the corridor, that starting from the main entrance develops for the entire length; this becomes a connecting element among the functions present in the school.
The heart of the building is the auditorium, created for the students’ creativity and for the neighborhood’s initiatives; is a double-height space, located along the main corridor where it creates an internal square on the ground floor, while the passage to the upper floor becomes a balcony. With the possibility to close, with a system of paneling, the auditorium area is multifunctional space that could be adapted to integrative activities or ones that needs more privacy.  Compared to the traditional solutions, the consumption are reduced for heating of 23% and for cooling of 75% thanks to the green roof. This also aims to absorb and drain rainwater by lowering the load of the sewage network.