2016 - 2020 | completed | Belgrade (SRB)
Architectural project and general planner
KarlundP Architekten, München (D)
Belgrade (SRB)
German Ministry of Construction and Regional Planning
2016 - 2020
Local architect, executive design, coordination and site supervision

TVI d.o.o., Belgrade (SRB)
ŠIPING d.o.o., Belgrade (SRB)
QUIDDITA’ d.o.o., Belgrade (SRB)
GOMID d.o.o., Belgrade (SRB)

The design for the New German Embassy is based on a competition won by the office Karl + Probst Architects.

After that our team in Belgrade took care of the executive design and coordination on site of the design team. Our work on the construction site began in 2018 supervising the demolition of the existing buildings in the lot.

The main facade overlooking Kneza Miloša Street stands out tanks to the light stone cladding in contrast with the metal coating of the entrance.

The combination of the light floors and the wood paneling enriches the elegant interiors.

Local trees and arboreal essence adorn the courtyards of the New German Embassy so as to make this spaces welcoming.