2020 | completed | Chisinau (MD)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Chisinau (MD)
4.100 mq
Federal Office for Buildings and Spatial Planning
Design competition

Popp & Asociatii - civil engineering - Bucharest (RO)


In this variant 1, our design approach is to architecturally model new buildings in order to create harmony with the formal architectural language of the existing building. The existing building will be renovated maintaining its historic character.

The new and spacious square in front of the main entrance will become a public urban square with its stone pavement and fountains and water surfaces.

At the center of the area, inserted between the old and the new building, a semi-public courtyard is intended for receptions, while towards the city park a large green area will be built.

The natural difference in height between the area in the courtyard and that of the street, is used to divide the access routes for the public part and for the private areas of the embassy.

The functional division in both variants, meets the requirements of the race.  The services, the kitchen and the staff lounges are housed in naturally exposed and ventilated rooms in the basement. A fundamental change in the functional spatial organization of the two variants is the positioning of the reception area and the ambassador’s residence.

The ambassador’s residence is directly accessible on the 1st floor above the foyer and reception area via a separate staircase/elevator. The living area of the residence opens onto the terrace towards the street, while a second, spacious private terrace is oriented towards the garden on the west side.

The design idea of variant 2 for the New German Embassy in Chişinău is to leave the existing historic building in its original location and expand it with a one-story “slab” that develops within the property.

As in the V1 the existing building will be renovated while maintaining its historic character.

The new building on one floor, is organized around a closed inner courtyard, accessible from all sides of the building.

Also in this variant, the new and spacious square in front of the main entrance, forms an urban public square and does not differ from that of variant 1.

At the center of the property, framed by a vertical lamellar façade structure, is the semi-public courtyard for receptions. Towards the city park, in the last part of the property, there is a large private green area which, unlike the V1, is available exclusively to the ambassador’s residence.

In the current variant, the reception area is organized longitudinally at the entrance foyer, so that it contains the courtyard on the opposite side of the side wing of the existing building.

The location of the private residence, is organized as the last functional unit in front of the park in a quiet location with undisturbed views and a spacious outdoor terrace in the green.