2014 | Cairo (ET)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Cairo (ET)
Design competition

GSA associate, Ravenna (I) - Landscape
Bergmeister, München (D) - Structures
arch. Maria Cristina Garavelli (I) - Energy consultant
MZECH, Cairo (ET) - Energy consultant
Deerns Germany, Köln (D) - Planting

Despite its central position in Cairo city centre, Gezira island is a quite place, far from the chaotic centre of the city being protected by the Niles river and the vegetation along its way. The project for the German Embassy considers this double identity: from one hand the very central position in the core of an ever changing metropolitan city, on the other hand the isolation, by imbedding it in the ancient landscape of the Nile with its intensive vegetation along the banks, like an oasis in the middle of a high-density area. The conceptual idea recalls the monolithic form of the stones used in the Pyramids of Giza.

Protected in a yard, the building stands on a transparent base, which is connected to the outdoor area by pergolas and protruding elements. The request to ensure an open building (transparent base) despite the high level of security (ensured by the monolithic dimension) is guaranteed. Through its compact volume with massive dimension is: the use of soil minimized, the termic inertia guaranteed, high level of security assured.