2020 | completed | Ahrensburg (D)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Ahrensburg (D)
Ahrensburg City
Design Competition

LSK-Architekten, Darmstadt (D)

The design competition involves the extension of the existing Ahrensburg Town Hall. The project foresees the construction of an urban park and an underground car park. Our intervention fits into the context cautiously but at the same time making a contemporary statement.

The new building with its shape sorrounds the Town Hall forecourt along Manfred-Samusch-Straße. The design takes into account the upcoming urban upgrading of the Rathausplatz, upgrading and closing the existing public space through both its orientation and the formation of the building edges.

The redesign of Stormarnplatz follows the linear continuation of the footpaths and bike paths that run between the sorrounding buildings. The “lane” of the underground car park will be provided with trees and spanned by bridges on the parking level. The landscaping arrangement is based on the baroque ideas for urban development of Ahrnheim but developed in a contemporary way.

Above all the primary goal is to promote the dialogue between the extension and the existing, listed Town Hall building. Therefore both buildings are accessible from a common forecourt. In order to enable access to the new extension via the existing forecourt, the underground parking ramp, which is under monument protection and leads to the 2nd basement, will be retained and used as an access ramp for the new underground parking lot.

The facade is an aluminum-glass construction. The horizontal ribbon windows take up the facade structure of the existing building. These are overlaid by a vertical structure made of pilaster strips wich integrates sun protection elements. Thanks to the choice of unsaturated colors, the extension of the Ahrensburg Town Hall blends discreetly with the ensemble without foregoing a contemporary architectural language.