2015 -2020 | completed | Rimini (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Rimini (I)
8.300 sqm
Hera Spa, Bologna (I)
2015 -2020
Complete Architectural design and Architectural site management

Paisà, Ravenna (I) - Landscape
Polistudio A.E.S., Riccione (I) - Structures
Architetto Roberto Semprini, Rimini (I) - Designer

The new design for Kennedy Square in Rimini originates from the idea of covering one of the most important Italian hydraulic works by providing citizens with a new square.

This area, once occupied by the mouth of the Ausa duct, was lacking any quality, despite being in a central position on the Rimini seafront. Our goal was to create a space that could both respond to plumbing and citizens needs, redifining the area.

The project, above all, involves the construction of  huge underground tanks for rainwater collection and technical rooms above ground. Our design rearranges technical rooms covering them with ramps on which the pedestrians can admire the sea.

The new square represents the ideal continuation of the city park down to the sea, making Kennedy Square the hinge between the waterfront and the park system.

The cycle and pedestrian routes take over the car traffic creating an effective continuity between spaces. Park and sea connect, letting human activities act as the glue between the two.

The sinuous bodies, placed on the sides of the square, recall the shape of a fish. A call that intends to strengthen the relationship with the surrounding environment.

The fluid paths and the shape of the building  create a continuum space and generate ever-changing views. As a result crossing spaces with various uses animate the new square.

The descents become steps to sit on during outdoor events and the fountain is a refreshment on warm days.