2014 | Brunico (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Brunico (I)

Von Gerkan, Marg & Partners, Hamburg (D) - Architectural project
BMS progetti, Milano (I) - Structural and planting project

The architectonical concept for the new Ice Stadium in Brunico is based on the following Iconic effect: The new architectonic and identifying element of the sport centre is the majestic wood structure of the roof.
Construction elements: Both the building core and the facade’s elements are in reinforced concrete, on which the rounded roof (made of laminated wood beams) stands.
Capacity: the spatial structure of the rounded roof guarantees a massive interior perception and offers outside, other than its iconic effect, a covered entrance.

Inside, the rhomboidal pattern of the intersecting wooden beams, defines a unique open space.
Wooden structure: wood is the most important and sustainable material of the Tirol region. Its warm character improves the internal comfort, opposing to the cold ice field. The material also suits the acoustic performance, especially during important sport events.