2012 | Berlin (D)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Berlin (D)
Department of Science and Research

KLA - Kiparlandschaftsarchitekten, Duisburg (D) - Landscape
Werner Sobek Stuttgart GmbHingenieurbüro hausladen GmbH

The competition consisted in conceiving of a place to show, as in a shop window, the progress and the scientific and technological inventions made by German research and industry. The purpose of the building led to the decision to design a prominent element in the context, able to intrigue and attract the visitors and, at the same time, establish itself in the surrounding context as a building with a strong and iconic image. From this considerations resulted the choice to shape the building as a semi-trasparent cube, whose plan development follows the idea of the rectangular spiral.

This conformation, in fact, allows not only to separate functionally the part of stairs and elevators from the exposition’s one, but also to have a closed space near to an open one, projected toward the palaces of German power and the Tiergarten Park. Thus, the rectangular spiral assume a strong sense of attractiveness, because defines unequivocally the entrance and let only guess its content, because of the vibrancy of its walls. The rest of the triangular plot is thus characterized as a series of urban  plazas, open to the public use for visitors and citizens.