2021 | completed | Viserba (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Viserba (I)
25.590 mq
municipality of Rimini
Design competition

Polistudio A.E.S., Riccione (I)

DESIGN COMPETITION – SECOND PLACE The building is made of two main volumes on two levels, connected by an entrance hall and a flow-sorting space. The position of the pools in two different volumes made it possible to create two independent areas. The 25 m swimming pool is housed in the large volume, directly connected to the dressing rooms for adults. In the small volume there are the other pools, more specifically dedicated to smaller children. The two areas can be physically divided by a movable glass wall in correspondence with the connection area; the plants will also be designed in order to allow a fractional use of the plant with due to flexibility and energy saving. The glass facade  placed in the entrance area guarantee the visibility of the swimming pools. The stands on the first floor will guarantee visitors a view of the competition pool, the other pools will be visible from a balcony on the first floor. The glass facade that is located in correspondence with the swimming pools directly overlooks an external area reserved for the users of the swimming pool. The orientation towards West will guarantee a perfect orientation to the swimming pools and to the external area of the solarium. In addition to the swimming pools, there is a gym with a view of the park. The activities of the gym will have the opportunity to take advantage of outdoor spaces that can also be used in the summer season. The intention is to create a space in human scale and a green area that minimizes the impact: of the building and gives citizens a new and welcoming space.