Richtfest for the construction site of the new canteen in Gießen

July 14, 2023

On July 11, Richfest, the traditional Event that celebrate the laying of the roof of a building, was held at the canteen of Gießen Elementary School. The event was attended by the city administration, the school administration and the students ad well as the architects and the companies working on the construction of the canteen.

After institutional greetings, project leader Eduard Mijic briefly described the project and its story:

“This was a pilot project for us. When I took over this architectural firm, this was the first project we designed together, winning first prize right away. A great satisfaction for us, a sign of the great synergy we managed to create between our studio here in Germany and the partner studio in Italy. I think this kind of work is quite unique, built organically, and this is what defines this building as well”.