New Kreisklinik Hospital Key-Handover Ceremony

February 20, 2024

Nine years after the former studio LSK-Architekten with Angela Fritsch Architekten won the competition, the construction of the New Kreisklinik Hospital in Groß-Umstadt (DE) is now coming to an end. On Friday the 16th of February 2024 Eduard Mijic, the new partner and project leader during the construction period on site, handed over the keys to the local political governance Mr. Klaus Peter Schellhaas and the Managers of the Kreisklinik Mrs. Pelin Meyer and Mr. Christoph Dahmen, in the presence of State Ministers Manfred Pentz and Heike Hofmann, with Spokesman Gottfried Milde and Mayor of Groß-Umstadt René Kirch.

Christoph Dahmen, Manager of Kreiskliniken Darmstadt-Dieburg, opened the event by welcoming guests and presented his vision for the new Hospital. Then it was District Administration, Klaus Peter Schellhaas’s turn to speak; he emphasised the high level set by the new Hospital in the healthcare standards of the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg. State Ministers of the Hessen Region such as Manfred Pentz, Heike Hofmann and Gottfried Milde, as well as Mayor of Groß-Umstadt René Kirch expressed their excitement about this achievement and stressed the importance of the hospital for the entire region.

Arch. Eduard Mijic, representing the project team that won the competition almost 9 years ago, recalled the changes that took place during this period, which led to the fruitful cooperation between old and new partners of the design team, including new colleagues from the Italian office.

“The quality of the two-storey foyer with its view of the lovely Odenwald landscape, its transparent cafeteria area, the light, friendly materials, together with the warm wood tones of the reception desk, are inviting, promote health and recovery and create trust!”, outlined Mr. Mijic. The emergency room and cafeteria are located on the ground floor near the entrance. The technical departments and kitchen are located in the basement, while the intensive care unit and endoscopy department will be located on the first floor. Three upper floors accommodate 257 beds in modern single and double rooms. The installation of a helipad on the top floor of the six-storey building with a direct connection to the Central Emergency Department has also been completed.

The new hospital at the Groß-Umstadt clinical site will be commissioned at the beginning of summer.