We deal with architectural design at all levels, we operate internationally by combining cultural and generational diversity. Our way of designing is develops through cognitive analyzes, which include all the design phases, from investment analyzes to the Works Management. Each project is developed by a team of architects and engineers each with unique skills, but who collaborate on common ground in search of the best solution. The projects are experienced as a research opportunity by passing through the experimentation of new spatial forms, new technologies, new materials and by seeking an intimate connection between functionality, in a dialogue with the surrounding environment. This approach reinforces the identity of the place, inserting the building in a sinuous way within its context and creating high quality public and private spaces making it enjoyable by the community that re-appropriates it. The awareness that the application of a method can add value to our creativity, pushed us to equip ourselves with a quality management system already integrated with BIM processes (ISO 9001:15).