2008 | Rimini (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects in collaboration with Federico Foschi
Rimini (I)

structural project - Favero e Milan Ingegneria
planting - Tifs Ingegneria s.r.l.

The intention of the project is to create a public space on an upper level. It starts beyond the pier following an ascending-spiral way, which further gives access to the panoramic terraces, restaurants and other services. The second level offers a system of internal roads for the users of the club. Identified as staff-only area, the third internal space is organized along a longitudinal board in the between of public spaces and external ramp. The interior space is organized around the central service desk and it is divided into three areas: the first used for concerts and events, the second is the coffee/happy hour area and the last is the restaurant. The double entrance, the use of sliding panels guarantee  a flexible organization of space, in function of daytime and in relation to different year season.