2015 | Rimini (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Rimini (I)
3.266 sqm
Municipality of Rimini
Design competition

Ar.Co Lavori s.c.c., Ravenna (I) - Costruction company
Antao Progetti s.p.a., Domagnano (RSM) - Structural Engeneering and plant system

The new municipal swimming pool, named “Acqua Arena,” aims to create a new polarity in a strategic urban point of the city of Rimini, that in recent years have been undergone by multiple urbanistic changes. The location of the area between the new Convention Centre and the adjacent Ausa Park, required a particularly careful urban intervention in this context. Inspired by the sinuous shapes of the drops, the new swimming pool formally reveals his water evocation, entering at the same time in dialogue with the curved part of the façade of the New Convention Centre, with a transparent façade towards the Park. The outer part of the pool is oriented to the park, creating an oasis of wellness surrounded by a green park  in a central point of the city. The interior is divided in two parts, represented by two circles: in the large one there is a swimming pool with the tribune, in the smaller one there are the additional functions such as the commercial spaces, a restaurant and a bar on the ground floor, and a physiotherapy gym on the first floor. The variety of functions should prove, that the new “Acqua Arena” will become not only a swimming pool, but a multi-purpose sports centre, accessible to all citizens.