2013 | Milano (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
Milano (I)
GL Events

The visitor from passive user of the exhibition turns into active user. In “FEEDing For FEEDback”, the visitor gives something to receive something back. He feeds the space with his creativity, helping modifying and molding the pavilion day by day. A long green carpet at the entrance of the pavilion leads the visitor inside a technological body where adults and children learn about Austrian themes thanks to technological platforms. The laboratory inside the pavilion is divided into two creative paths: fast and slow. The former allows the user to create wooden souvenirs with digital equipments,

the latter lets the visitor spend the whole day working directly on his creation. The daily souvenirs will be shown the day after on the hill. Outside, the visitor enters a different situation finding himself inside a naturalistic painting, enjoying the high quality of Austrian life. He can enrich and contribute to the beauty of this place by adding souvenirs to the hill or planting daisy and poinsettia seeds which flourishing recreate the colours of Austrian flag. The project uses recyclable and reusable materials.