2009 | San Pietro in Viminario (I)
Architectural project and general planner
mijic architects
San Pietro in Viminario (I)
Municipality of San Pietro in Viminario
Design competition - 2nd prize

The project consists in designing a building for a school complex, composed by an elementary school, a kindergarten and a sport hall. The starting point was the territorial and morphological analysis of the site, located in the countryside of Padua. The comprehension of the site indicated in the building along the main road the main rule of urban expansion, that is the reason why a large two levels piazza was set directly on the main road: to ensure both recognition to the entrance and protection between the school and the road itself. The buildings are oriented in an east-west direction, sneaking in the countryside, imitating its conformation of stripes of different crops. The elliptical shapes of the façade are applied in the layout of the laboratories, which break the rigidity of the composition, just as in the façade.