2014 | Stuttgart (D)
Stuttgart (D)
Design competition

em architekten (D) - Architectural project
archiNOW (I) - Architectural project

The new residential district lies at the end of the “Red Wall”, directly on Killesberg park and bordering the well-served neighbourhood of Killesberghöhe. The park is a fundamental element for the project which virtually enters into the new blocks. The intervention is characterized by three different types of building: a long and articulated building facing the street; four in-row isolated blocks, sheltered inside the park; and a junction building which facing the nearby church, tries to connect the new complex to the existing housings.

The angular part of this complex is occupied by the student housing, by the nursery school and by a public square which faces the church. The area among the buildings turns into an important public space. A sinuous street rolls through the private gardens, and becomes a lively meeting place for the citizens and a playground for the children. This street links the new complex to the park and the new square close to the church. This east-west connection is cut by two north-south streets in order to guarantee a complete permeability of the area.