Misano Adriatico (I)




Santa Monica spa

Architectural project and general planner:

mijic architects


General planning


64000 sqm


IN.TE.SO ingegneria - planting

Project description

The urban project is located near the Misano World Circuit “Marco Simoncelli”, in the Santa Monica district, near the Stadium.

The design concept was based on the possibility of creating an area with additional functions at the racetrack in order to increase the quality of services and make the racetrack area a world-class excellence, creating a green valley motor exhibition.

The intervention limit has an area of ​​about 64 thousand square meters, with the possible construction for a portion of land that covers 15 thousand sqm. For the remaining part, 23 thousand sqm are functions related to areas serving the Autodrome (temporary or permanent stands and sports facilities), while they are intended for public use for roads, parking lots, pedestrian and bicycle tracks, public green areas and public facilities over 24 thousand meters square.

The construction will be approximately 8 thousand sqm and will include tertiary functions, such as public establishments, shops, spaces for exhibitions, exhibitions and museum areas. merchandising activities, catering activities. Great importance has been given to the use of all the common spaces, especially those close to the hamlet, so that the area is as much as possible experienced as an area for leisure and well-being activities, accessible to all, also in consideration of interaction with the nearby stadium for football and athletics and sports facilities. Te construction of a new public road that crosses the sector is planned, creating a new access on Via Ca ’Raffaelli that allows the connection with the athletes access area of ​​the stadium; moreover, new cycle / pedestrian paths develop in such a way as to cover the entire area by skirting and crossing it, connecting with the existing Via del Carro cycle path.

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