July 15, 2019

The northern sector of „Piazzale Kennedy“ has been completed and opened to the public on Saturday 13.07.2019. The public spaces includes the so-called “small belvedere”, one of the volumes that characterize the overall architectural intervention of Piazzale Kennedy and which aims to mitigate the landscape impact of technical constructions related to underground tanks. The central part of the square, the fountain and the walk towards the sea is now accessible to the public, as the flowerbeds on the north and south side with the relative functional spaces characterized by wooden flooring. Not least will be the opening of the road and the cycle path along the seafront, thus restoring the road ahead of the intervention. In September 2019 work will resume on the second tank and the “belvedere alto” which will complete the intervention by the end of 2019.


See here a great time-lapse of the works since 2015: