2015 - in progress | in progress | Rimini (I)
Rimini (I)
Hera Spa, Bologna (I)
2015 - in progress
Executive design
8.300 sqm

Paisà, Ravenna (I) - Landscape
Architetto Roberto Semprini, Rimini (I) - Designer

The area, once occupied by the mouth of the Ausa River, appeared until recent time without any quality, although its central position on the Promenade of Rimini, as it was occupied by a parking lot for cars.The project, currently under construction, is the result of a significant  plumbing work that involves the construction of two huge underground storage tanks for rainwater collection, with some technical rooms aboveground. The architectural design reorders the protruding technical rooms, covering them with two long ramps, on which the pedestrian, coming from the park,

can continue the walk, arriving to the top of the ramp where one can admire a beautiful viewpoint toward the sea. The descents become steps on which you can sit during outdoor events. The fluid paths and the conformation of the building create a continuum space and generate ever-changing views. The slender bodies, placed on both outer sides of the square, are reminiscent of the natural shape of a fish, a recall that intents to strengthen the relationship between the project and its surrounding.