Padova (I)




Padova Fiere and Municipality of Padova

Architectural project and general planner:

mijic architects


feasibility study and preliminary draft

Project description

The rising economic importance and strategic location respect to flows of people and goods in the city of Padova have encouraged local institutions and private investors to work together  to build a Congress Centre related to the town fair. It was decided to set, in place of the 10th Pavillion (called Palace of Nations), a new iconic building, with a strong and recognizable image, able to give identity to an area of the city which large infrastructure interventions in recent years have converted into a new town gate.

The project includes the conservation of the portal of the pavilion 10 (made by the local sculptor Luigi Strazzabosco) and the reconstruction of the façade block, with same dimensions and volumes of the existing one. On the back, three large sculptural volumes lean radially outward, creating overhangs and ledges under which a series of entrances provide access to public areas and the heart of the structure, where a large hall full height allows the connection between the theatres and their relative spaces.

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