Rimini (I)




Municipality of Rimini

Architectural project and general planner:

mijic architects


Design competition - 2nd Prize

Project description

The proposal for the executive project is part of a wider intervention of completion which goes from “Piazza Ferrari” to “via Quintino Sella”, Rimini (I), thus inserting the project area on a larger scale. The concept identifies the space as a unique connection within the urban project called “the Ring of Squares” (Anello delle Piazze). This connection will be characterized by a uniqueness of treatment which will create a strong synergy with the natural element. The result is a homogeneous design, where the impermeable floor gradually alternates to the green and permeable pavement.

However this alternation is ever walkable, without any distinction between primary and secondary path, leaving the user to completely enjoy the whole area. The main axis is made of blocks of stone becoming the project’s spine. The stone crosses the limit of the path, gradually passes through the grass, defines the entrances and limits the parking lots, creating the formal continuity of the space.

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